his excessive love for skinship

quick, act natural!

quick, act natural!

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140907 jyp nation ‘one mic’ in japan (x)


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I’ve said this once before and I’ll say it again: People will always find reasons to hate 2PM. So let’s not waste our time dealing with adults acting like kids. Hottest don’t fight “children”, always remember that. But I just want to say that for 6 years of following 2PM, my boys never relied on anyone who is popular outside JYPE in order for them to “survive” a comeback. Especially not on girls they date. But of course, the KPOP world never runs out of immature deluded fans – and unfortunately, our fandom always gets to be intruded by thousands of them. Khun’s personal relationship/s was/were never a hot topic amongst Hottest. That goes the same with the other 2PM members –whether they admit to be dating or not. None of the Hottest I know want to sit down and talk about it, because guess what? WE JUST DON’T GIVE A DAMN. We survived shitloads of issues without asking any fandom to back us up. We survived a series of comebacks, been able to support 2PM in so many different ways, without the need to be using other people’s name or fame. We don’t need a Britney or even a Tiffany to survive any of our shizz. But then again, you may think whatever you want, whatever helps you sleep better at night.



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Jinyoung has had enough of Mark’s teasing

『 930904 | Happy Birthday Mark! 』
Happy Birthday to our adorable rapper, our little angel mark who is filled with so many laughs and smiles. I’ve felt like I’ve learned so much about you during this short amount of time. It’s so nice to see you slowly opening up and getting more comfortable around the camera where you become your crazy cute self. I hope you continue to have fun on what you’re doing. As one of the members to do flips constantly during stages. All I can do as a fan is say ‘becareful! don’t hurt yourself!’ ,’Think about your health’. Times where you messed up on your flips on stage my heart aches a little knowing that you’re in pain, though you would have shoo it off like it was nothing, put a smile on your face and say you’re okay. At the end of the day thank you for being who you are, my little prince. Our precious Mark Yien Tuan.♥

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21 reasons to love Mark Tuan - Happy 21 birthday, i hope you’ll always be happy no matter what you deserve everything and more.

September 4, 1993
Happy 21st birthday, Mark Tuan! 

can u stop being so perfect?

Happy birthday to GOT7’s flying member, Mark Tuan!

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